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VK.com Data and Tools

Anonymized VKontakte dataset and data grabbing tools

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When building the first version of the Profiler for the Wi-Fi in the Moscow Metro we had no data at all. Except for the raw BIND DNS logs.

We had to build our own training corpus in order to be able to predict user`s gender, age, interests, income level and so on. We also had to infer places of interest: locations where he works, lives, dines and wines but that`s the other story.

We used publicly available VK.com user profiles as well as some other sources to build this training corpus.

On this page we will be sharing the dataset of VK.com users as well as some tools we wrote to acquire the data.

We are working to make this them available for download. Meanwhile, please send us a message if you want to get informed when it`s done:

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