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Cryptocurrency trading

Market data and tools for your cryptocurrency research

Currently we offer gigabytes of market transactions from lead cryptocurrency exchanges. Please download them from this page or make a request for missing data.

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Market Quotes by TradingView

We have been involved in numerous projects on building software and algorithms for trading. Although we do not specialize on blockchain technologies, we do research on cryptocurrencies. To remind you, those are:

For those of you who are interested in trading (high-frequency trading, arbitrage, scalping etc) we share the data we have been collecting. We also plan to share some tools we have created for acquiring, converting and analyzing the market data.

Market data organization

The following data contains all the market deals from a given exchange for a given period of time, in CSV format. Table fields are the following:

Timestamp Price Amount Order ID
Order direction (BUY, SELL) is determined by the Price field sign.

BTC/USD (Bitcoin / US Dollar) market data

1 All Q1 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
2 All Q2 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
3 All July 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
4 All August 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
5 All September 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
6 All October 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
7 All November 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
8 All December 2017 BTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.

BCH/USD (Bitcoin Cash / US Dollar) market data

1 All August/September/October 2017 BCH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
2 All November 2017 BCH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
3 All December 2017 BCH/USD deals, Bitfinex.

LTC/USD (Litecoin / US Dollar) market data

1 All Q1/Q2/Q3 2017 LTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.
2 All Q4 2017 LTC/USD deals, Bitfinex.

DSH/USD (Dashcoin / US Dollar) market data

1 All Q2/Q3 2017 DSH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
2 All Q4 2017 DSH/USD deals, Bitfinex.

ETH/USD (Ethereum / US Dollar) market data

1 All Q2 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
2 All July 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
3 All August 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
4 All September 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
5 All October 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
6 All November 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.
7 All December 2017 ETH/USD deals, Bitfinex.

XRP/USD (Ripple / US Dollar) market data

1 All Q2/Q3 2017 XRP/USD deals, Bitfinex.
2 All Q4 2017 XRP/USD deals, Bitfinex.

Interested in historical data for other cryptocurrency pairs? Please send us a note.

We are preparing more stuff for you to download. Meanwhile, please send us a message if you want to get informed when it`s done (or just subscribe to one of our accounts):

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