Professional R&D

  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Reports
  • Development
  • Support

Our Services

We offer full cycle custom software development and R&D for non-standard and science intensive tasks. That includes: analysis, requirements, research, reports, architecture, algorithms, developing from prototype to production, deployment, integration and support.

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Our Projects

  • Big Data in Moscow Metro

    Big data system for profiling
    Wi-Fi users in the Moscow Metro
    by analyzing their behavior.
    Reconstructing gender, age,
    interests, income level,
    places of interest and other traits.

  • Mixed reality

    Software for augmented reality
    and virtual reality devices
    allowing trainees to develop
    skills and knowledge for work
    with technically complex devices
    and systems.

  • Full portfolio on demand

Our Expertise

Our primary areas of expertise are:
  • – computer vision and image processing,
  • – artificial intelligence, machine learning,
  • – big data and data science.
  • – 3D graphics and animation,
  • – mixed reality (augmented reality and virtual reality),
  • – video and multimedia.

We are also experienced in:
  • – natural language text processing
  • – pattern recognition, 3D optical reconstruction,
  • – massively parallel processing on GPUs,
  • – trading systems.
  • – integration and other things IT guys usually do.

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Types of applications we develop:
  • – mobile,
  • – web,
  • – desktop,
  • – client-server,
  • – middleware.